The Valuation


This is a report of the value of the practice.The valuation is based on the gross collections of the practice usually for the last 12 months. The gross is multiplied times a percentage which may range from 50% to 90%. The other component to the valuation is the value of the equipment. These two components make up the value of the practice.

If you decide to list your practice Dr. Cartwright will make an appointment to come to your practice personally. This personal on site visit will include review of your tax returns, pictures of the equipment and building, if the real estate is being sold as well. The building will be a C.M.A.

This process can cost up to $9,500 by accounting firms. Dr. Cartwright charges$1495.00 which includes travel and the valuation. At the closing of the sale  of your practice and in some cases real estate, Dr. Cartwright will refund $500 toward his commission that is paid by the seller.


Valuation without a listing travel and sale is priced at $995.00. This valuation will contain the same information but the doctors will provide pictures,equipment list, and tax returns to Dr. Cartwright. Many doctors use this service for things such as divorce, for sale by owner, estate planning, for bank financing, selling to a partner, etc. The valuation report becomes the property of the doctor that pays the valuation fee.




No figures or information is released before the appropriate confidentiality forms are signed by the prospective buyer.

The sale of your chiropractic clinic will remain confidential to discourage any loss of clientele.