The Valuation


This is a report of the value of the practice. Accounting firms will charge up to $9,500 for this calculation. Professional Practice Sales, on the other hand, charges $995.00 for this service and speak with you one-on-one about your practice. He will review your statistics and real estate,  and review photos. Compared to other national practice sales companies that charge a similar fee. Professional Practice Sales offers an exceptional value. And, should you list and sell with us, 1/2 of your initial valuation cost will be refunded.

This valuation is the property of the person purchasing/requesting the valuation. A valuation is usually requested by an individual selling his or her practice, but it may also be requested by the child of a doctor or perhaps a spouse in the process of a divorce where one spouse is required to provide the other with a percentage of personal wealth. Estate planning to show net worth is also a valid reason for requesting a valuation. And, a valuation may be used to take to the bank for financing. Banks will require an expert opinion on value.



No figures or information is released before the appropriate confidentiality forms are signed by the prospective buyer.

The sale of your chiropractic clinic will remain confidential to discourage any loss of clientele.