Iron River, MI

Iron River, MI







Practice grossed $268,703 in 2017.

Asking $199,000

Dr. Charles Newby has been in practice for 39 years delivering cutting edge chiropractic techniques and nutritional protocols that have proved to positively alter the outcome of patient’s health. Dr. Newby has been the sought after practitioner when clients have exhausted all other avenues for solving specific health complications. Dr. Newby’s passion and belief in chiropractic as a lifestyle rather than a job, has resulted in a constant desire to further his skills to better serve the needs of his clients. The clients Dr. Newby serves seek out holistic healthcare options.

Iron County is the perfect location that satisfies the interests of a variety of people. It is an outdoor lover’s dream with more than 250 lakes and over 200 miles of rivers. The expansive opportunities to canoe, kayak, fish, camp, swim, and hike create unforgettable summer experiences. The winter season is the perfect time to take advantage of the snow and go downhill skiing at Ski Brule, snowshoeing, and ice fishing. The community offers recognized restaurants, wonderful parks, an expansive hospital, and the feeling of unity.

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