Flat Rock, MI

Flat Rock, MI

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Flat Rock, MI

 This Chiropractic practice was established in 1972.  Over the last 38 years Dr. Florek has treated thousands of patients and maintained an extremely caring attitude for his patients.  Children as well as grandparents have been treated like family at this clinic.

When you talk location, location, location this practice is on Telegraph Road in Flat Rock with a large sign and great parking.

The clinic is approximately 1,300 sq ft with an additional 2,000 sq ft rental. Thousand of cars pass by Florek Chiropractic Center Daily.

Dr. Florek’s techniques include Diversified, Thompson, and activator.  He also uses some therapy.  At 80% referral with thousands of patient files this office would make a great practice for a new   doctor.

Call Dr. Tim Cartwright at 734-735-0768

E-MAIL:  info@prochirosales.com