Dayton, Ohio

Dayton, Ohio





My office is a 2,200 square foot, brick building which offers lots of possibilities from one office to multi rentals/office with 4 entrances/exits. There are 26 plus parking spaces and plenty of room for expansion. It is really beautiful both inside and out. The inside walls can be moved (and I have) new ones added and changed. No steps for patients. Easy access with a light at the corner and close interstate I-75. We have a small town area feel with advantages of the big city access. We have patients who came from West Virginia, Richmond, Indiana and Cincinnati to Sidney, Ohio.

Although I have retired into my practice by reducing my hours making this area ripe for a full time practice. I went from 18 employees down to one.

My patients range from 2 minutes old to 102 years old. I have cared for up to 5 generations of one family at a time. I have cared for rich patients to a man who lived in his station wagon and an older woman who paid me and my staff with hugs. Some patients I saw only once and others hundreds of time. Some began care 35 years ago and still come and some started yesterday. Some refer lots of new patients and some not so many. I have attended a 75th birthday party, weddings and baby showers.

I have had dogs in the office from a grand champion to the multi-poo who currently runs the roost.

I own a 2200 sq. ft. brick building on a 1 acre+ lot at a very desirable location. The office is a single story on a slab with two bathrooms and 2 additional sink stations. I am currently using only 600 sq. ft. The remaining space can be rented and some is rented. There are 4 entry doors. There is a large parking lot with 26+ parking spaces. Two rooms have lead lined walls. All inside walls are non-weight bearing and can be removed.

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