Caro, MI

Caro, MI



Reduced to $265,000 with owner financing available.

ChiroFit is located on the main street of Caro just a couple of blocks away from the heart of downtown.   Caro is a class B school district and is also the county seat of Tuscola County.  A perfect town for a family, a young couple  just beginning their family  or if you just like that small town vibe but still not too far from the bigger cities like Saginaw and Bay City.

ChiroFit itself has an absolutely ideal location!  Thousands upon thousands of cars drive past every day. If you’re driving through Caro, you are guaranteed to see ChiroFit.  The ChiroFit parking lot is even a ‘hub’ when Caro has festivals , from setting up pumpkin pie booths  for Caro’s yearly pumpkin festival  or allowing extra parking and seating for parades.

Dr.  Tim Sala has been practicing in Caro for 8 years.  But the name of Sala and chiropractic have been associated with Caro for the past 40 years.  Dr. Tim’s father was also a chiropractor in Caro before Dr.  Tim came home which allowed him to retire.

ChiroFit is a very family oriented wellness based practice. But it still sees its fair share of Auto and workman’s comp. cases.  The office is extremely modern from its design to the equipment available to the patients.

Dr. Tim himself has been an athlete his entire life.  He played a little college baseball, and currently competes heavily in crossfit and Olympic weightlifting, he actually now holds  the Michigan state record in his age group for the Clean and Jerk.

This has lead Dr. Tim and ChiroFit to be extremely involved in the local sports and school sports programs.  Everything  from having special package deals for his student athletes, to Dr. Tim himself coaching the high school varsity weight program.

When an athlete in Caro gets injured, ChiroFit is the place their coaches and parents send them.   ChiroFit is also THE chiropractic office for the members of the local crossfit gym.

Chiropractic adjustments of course, but Dr. Tim also does many extremity protocols, kinesiology taping, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy, and much more.